It’s the range, depth, and content of the stories Marsden and Wood tell us, along with the gorgeous harmony of their pure voices, that linger once the cabaret is over… Proud and unapologetic, beautiful and powerful.” Time Out

“Blisteringly entertaining… Marsden and Wood’s voices blend into a single, warm and bright sound… It’s almost as though the excellent children’s show Horrible Histories was made for grown-ups and laced with booze… Not everybody falls in love with gin, but I can’t imagine too many audience members could resist the charms of Mother’s Ruin.” – Daily Review

“To say Marsden and Libby work well together is an understatement.  Together, they are a force to be reckoned with…” – Radio Adelaide

“The voices and talent of Libby Wood and Maeve Marsden are astounding.”Kryztoff

“Knock out vocals only matched by their onstage deliverance, energy and sheer sassiness. This show is quality, no two ways about it, possibly the best cabaret performance of 2016.” – TAGG

“Buxom, bodacious beauties Maeve Marsden and Libby Wood put on one hell of show… Their stunning voices soared and brought light to the darkest corners of the Artspace venue at the Adelaide Festival Centre… I could’ve listened to those two sing all night long… Both sung with such diction and verve, and in flawless harmony; they seemed completely in sync.” – In Daily

“Libby Wood and Maeve Marsden have voices as big as their ample bosoms… Marsden and Wood manage to have the audience simultaneously in stitches of laughter and marvelling at their almost symbiotic harmonies.” – The Adelaide Advertiser

“Wood and Marsden are brilliant vocalists, obviously, but also nail the finer points of any good performance, especially cabaret: cheeky crowd work, vital energy and engaging storytelling. The history in the show is wildly interesting, and doled out vibrantly. The team also had help from gin aficionado The Ginstress, so it’s one for the history buffs as well as the musical theatre geeks and cabaret-lovers (of which I count myself in all three camps.) Divinely written and performed, I can’t recommend the show enough.” – Lisa Dib, Web Wombat

“Marsden and Wood have a commanding presence on stage. Creative, daring and full of flair… Not only vocally sublime but a stroke of comedy genius…. Mother’s Ruin may be a loving ode to a favourite spirit, but you do not need to be a gin drinker to appreciate its brilliance.” – Theatre Press

“Marsden and Wood are alarmingly close to perfection with their harmonies… The magnificent Jeremy Brennan, playing perfectly charismatic piano and adding to the comedic brilliance… Together the three flit between comic chemistry and flawless vocals.” – The Plus Ones 

“Thoroughly recommended.” – 5mbs

Mother's Ruin@ Shene Estate & Distillery, Tasmania. Photo by Alison Cosker.